Higher Small Claims Court Limit Now in Effect
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As of August 1, 2014 the Provincial Court of Alberta’s civil claims limit was increased from $25,000 to $50,000. The increase means Albertans will have greater access to the Provincial Court and will ensure more timely and cost-effective resolution of civil claims using a more simplified and user-friendly process. This will help people with straightforward civil legal matters; resolve their claim efficiently and effectively.  It will also ensure the full complement of the Court’s services and resources are available for more complicated cases in the Court of Queen’s Bench.

 “The mission of the Provincial Court of Alberta is to deliver quality justice on an accessible, affordable and timely basis. The Civil Division of our Court is committed to providing the fair and just resolution of civil disputes through affordable, understandable and simplified processes. The increase in the financial jurisdiction of our Court to $50,000 and the Court's decision to implement resolution tracks will, together with existing dispute resolution mechanisms, enable more people to access our Court to resolve their civil disputes in a timely and cost-effective manner.” 

- Terrence Matchett, Chief Judge, Provincial Court of Alberta

 For anyone looking to benefit from the increased limits of the Provincial Court of Alberta- Civil Division, please feel contact Gurevitch Burnham Law Office.


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The holiday's can be a wonderful time for families.  It can also be a time of great challenge and conflict, particularly if there are disputes or concerns over the holiday parenting schedule.  All too often when these disputes arise the parties end up in Court arguing before a Judge about what should happen with their children over the holidays.  This often includes the use of lawyers, the preparation and filing of legal documents and an escalation of the conflict and an increase in costs. 

There are many studies that show that continued parental conflict is not healthy for children.  Is there another way to resolve these parenting disputes which minimizes the negative effects of parental conflict on children, particularly around the holiday season?

Fortunately Tim Burnham thinks the answer to this question is yes!

At Gurevitch Burnham Law Office Parents can choose to attend Mediation with Tim Burnham in order to resolve their disputes.  However, Mediation does not always result in an agreement.  When this is the case, the parties may still need to have a decision so that they can move on and make their plans.  This is where Arbitration comes in.  When the parents attend a Med-Arb with Tim Burnham they agree that acting as an Arbitrator, he has the power under the Arbitration Act to make a binding decision on them about the holiday parenting schedule.  

This process encourages parental cooperation and minimizes conflict.  It also provides a guarantee that there will be a decision at the end.  The process at Gurevitch Burnham Law Office is much less formal than Court which helps the parties get a decision faster and with less conflict.  If you feel this process may work for you, please feel free to contact our office.

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