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In today's economy, it has become increasingly important for both businesses and individuals to receive the payments properly due them in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, it is a fact of business life that debtors are sometimes delinquent in paying for goods, services or their other financial obligations. Gurevitch Burnham can help when a debtor does not pay when required and resists efforts to extract payment.   At Gurevitch Burnham we understand how important it is that a client's case be moved through the legal system as rapidly as possible.  Bad debt only looses value even further with the passage of time.

Once demand for payment has been made, and the debtor has failed to make the payment a claim can be filed with the courts.  We work hard to protect our client's interests by taking whatever steps are available to secure our client's position.  These steps may include filing of liens on personal property or real estate, seizing assets or accounts, the filing of claims or motions and negotiations and litigation.  Once a Judgment is obtained there may be additional steps required in order to enforce your Judgment.  These could be filing a writ at various registries, garnishment of accounts, seizure of property, examination of debtors, sale of property or other available remedies.

At Gurevitch Burnham our team of lawyers has the experience you need to evaluate your claim and develop the appropriate strategy to assist in the collection of your outstanding debts and Judgments.

Please contact us if you have questions about our collections services or about your options.

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