Gurevitch Burnham Name Change PDF Print

As of December 1, 2011 we have changed the name of our law firm to Gurevitch Burnham. 

Gurevitch Burnham will continue to provide high quality legal service to the community and businesses in the Peace Country in the following practice areas: 

Real Estate Law

Gurevitch Burnham will remain active in Grande Prairie’s commercial and residential real estate markets.  We will do this by continuing to serve the needs of our local Realtors, residents, lenders and businesses as they navigate their various real estate and financing transactions.  We remain committed to providing a high level of service to our clients in this area, as well as to the Realtors and lenders who are involved in the transaction.

Corporate & Commercial Law

Gurevitch Burnham will also remain committed to providing a high level of service to the business community in the Peace Country.  This firm has a long history of acting for a variety of business client in a variety of industries.  We will continue to use this expertise to serve the needs of our corporate clients whether they are incorporating a new company, selling their business or anything in between.

Wills & Estates

Gurevitch Burnham will continue to assist the residents of the Peace Country with their estate planning needs.  This includes the preparation of Wills, Power of Attorneys and Personal Directives.  We also remain committed to assisting our clients through difficult family times by assisting with the Probate of a loved one’s Estate or by assisting families in obtaining Dependant Adult Orders.  Gurevitch Burnham has also taken the lead on ensuring that the other local law firms are fully trained in the new Wills legislation that will be coming into force early in 2012.  There will be many new changes and we will be sure to keep the community informed about them as they happen.

Family Law & Divorce

Gurevitch Burnham will continue to be an innovative law firm in this area.  In addition to providing traditional family law services we will continue to be one of the only law firms in the Peace Country where individuals and families can access Family Mediation services and the Collaborative Family Law Process.  Both of these services assist parties to resolve their family law and divorce issues in a private and cost effective manner outside of the adversarial court process.

Civil Litigation

Gurevitch Burnham will also be continuing to provide high quality and effective civil litigation services.  We remain fully committed and capable of assisting our clients in civil court disputes that may arise.  In addition to court representation, Gurevitch Burnham is also experienced in assisting our clients resolve disputes using a variety of alternative dispute resolution services including civil mediations.  These alternative dispute resolution services are now required in many cases before a trial can begin.  Gurevitch Burnham is well situated to assist clients through this process to achieve an effective resolution of their disputes.

 We appreciate the opportunities we have had to serve the legal needs of the Peace Country over the past 30 years.  Now that our firm name has changed to Gurevitch Burnham we look forward to continuing to serve the legal needs of the community for many years to come.