Timothy J. Burnham teaches Law in Ukraine PDF Print

Tim Burnham spent several weeks in Odessa, Ukraine teaching law courses at several universities as part of the BUILD Initiative with the Leavitt Institute for International Development.  Tim taught lectures to upper year law students about the rule of law, the adversarial system, advocacy, professional responsibility and alternative dispute resolution.

The Leavitt Institute for International Development is an organization of legal professionals dedicated to spreading the rule of law and development of democratic liberties in developing nations. As part of its efforts, The Leavitt Institute involves some of the brightest international relations specialists and legal minds throughout the world to teach democratic principles, rule of law, and ethics. The Leavitt Institute teachers are experienced judges, prosecutors, criminal defense attorneys, and legal counselors from the United States and Canada. They lecture on a variety of subjects and make a lasting impression on the minds of their students. The Leavitt Institute relies on the support of legal professionals willing to travel to developing nations and share their knowledge with ambitious law students.

The BUILD Initiative (Building Ukrainian Independence and Lasting Democracy) is founded on the principle that Ukraine will achieve an enduring and stable democracy only through the education and development of its rising generation of leaders, lawmakers, and law enforcement. The BUILD Initiative empowers the future generation of Ukrainian leaders with democratic ideals and understanding. BUILD aims to effectuate a shift toward greater freedom and democracy for Ukraine's future. For that purpose, BUILD has established relationships with Ukraine's top law universities and has contracted with them to teach a full-year university course in democratic principles, advocacy skills, and ethics.

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